Here at Pharmacy Recruit, we have a deep belief in helping the clinical shortage here in NZ. We aim to pave the way for international candidates with their journey.

If you reside in Canada, Australia, The U.K, or South Africa and have a pharmacy degree or pharmacy technician certificate we would like to help you with your entry to New Zealand. 

Please send your CV to to be reviewed. 

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Borey Chum (pictured below) and his team of Licensed Immigration Advisors at Migration Associates -

Migration Associates provides Pharmacy Recruit and its candidates and clients with specialist immigration advice relating to New Zealand. Contact Borey and his team for initial screening at no charge here

We are also pleased to announce a partnership with legendary pharmacist Sue Muller (pictured below) and her team of pharmacy recruitment staff at LocumCo in Australia. If you are hoping to cross the Tasman in either direction, Sue and I can help make this happen faster. "Pharmacists who know Pharmacists".

You'll also be required to fill out a job seeker application for Pharmacy Recruit here. Once you've registered using BOTH forms, Migration Associates will keep Pharmacy Recruit staff in the loop on your progress so we can work together to get you to New Zealand.



Migration Associates, NZ

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LocumCo, Australia