Welcome to the Interns & Students Placement Scheme.

Employers looking for a cheaper option but wanting to advance your staff in the long term?

Pay a one-off $1,125 (incl. GST) to have us hand pick your student or intern for you.

We have a student/intern placement scheme whereby we provide you with the best option for you at your lower budget.

Candidates come to you from our talent pool and are screened, police checked, CV reviewed, interviewed to allow hand selection of the best available at a given time.

We have technicians / NZ interns / international interns who all need you as mentors/supervisors or preceptors. They are often willing to relocate to you at their own cost. With the right support at your end, you can make staffing issues a thing of the past.

Ask today about how to obtain the best student or intern we have available and pay our flat fee of $1,000 (in some instances the student or intern is willing to pay half the fee!).