​Most of us have friends and colleagues across the industry, both working and taking time out, who may be willing to return to the industry or work additional hours, to help out at such a critical time.

All we're asking is that you recommend they contact us, so we can keep them up to date with the latest employment opportunities.

When a new candidate registers with us online, they’ll be asked the name of the person who recommended them, so remind them to mention you by name. Then if they sign a permanent contract with one of our clients, you’ll be rewarded with a $500 prezzy card. How great would that be?

Your Prezzy card will be loaded with a cool $500 to spend as you like, at the movies, the garden centre, fuel station or even the supermarket.

Referral Scheme Details

  1. Person recommending another needs to be known to us (this can be personally or professionally). If you are in our JobAdder database as a health professional already then you already qualify. If you’re a friend or colleague known to one of our staff then you qualify.

  2. If you let us know you are recommending a person (and they have okayed it) and they contact us you are half way there. They need to have NZ qualifications of Pharmacy technician level 4 or level 5 OR a Bachelor of Pharmacy from NZ and be possibly looking for a job, you can let us know by text or email (0211647368,

    FYI Remember, it’s important to ask them if its okay first and then they need to contact us themselves.

  3. If we manage to place your recommended person and they sign a permanent contract with us then we issue you the $500 card.