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Why recruiting the perfect Pharmacist requires Chemistry - not Automation

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The increasing use of automation in the recruitment process worries me. It might help you to rank and identify candidates but it is certainly no match for the human touch when it comes to successful hiring for New Zealand pharmacies.

Finding the ‘X’ factor

Platforms like SEEK might seem like the easy option when you are busy and overwhelmed but where it fails is it won’t find the ‘X’ factor you are looking for.

I know this because when I ran a Community Pharmacy I found there were many components of the recruitment process that were lacking and the considerable money invested did not always deliver the expected results. It is also why I established New Zealand’s only specialist pharmacy recruitment practice back in 2019 to help business owners like you to find the perfect pharmacy staff to join your team.

Employing a personal recruitment specialist like Pharmacy Recruit to partner with you will bring you many benefits and is vital to securing a successful appointment for you at the end of the process.

1. We specialise in recruiting for the pharmacy industry

We are pharmacy and healthcare specialists and only recruit for those businesses - from entry-level retail sales associates and dispensary technicians to qualified and experienced registered pharmacists. As a practicing pharmacist, I know what qualities and skills to look for in candidates, and can save you a lot of time whilst finding a better candidate to fit and thrive in your business.

2. We represent you and your brand

You operate a business offering customer interaction through warm, friendly service and advice, so it goes without saying that you should choose a person to accurately represent you and your brand - not an automated recruitment service.

3. Matchmaking for a ‘cultural’ fit

We value human touchpoints throughout the recruitment process and understand that the cultural fit is a significant factor in achieving compatibility and cooperation with your existing pharmacy team.

We try to meet candidates and employers face to face or via Zoom, to make sure we are matching on cultural fit, as we know this is the key factor in determining the longevity of the position. It is a process that may take longer but is far more reliable and pays dividends for you in the long term.

4. We really dig deep to get to know the candidate's personality

We use emotional intelligence and intuition to get to know the prospective candidates beyond what is written on their CV or resume.

We do our best to provide a great candidate experience and to advocate positively for you which we have found will generate more interest, desire, and motivation to accept the job offer at your company.

5. A perfect match every time

Through the close working relationships we develop with our clients they learn to trust us with the recruitment process. So instead of finding you a lot of good candidates for you to shortlist from, you will only be presented with candidates that are the ‘right fit’ for your business, a process that saves you significant time.

6. Strategies to overcome candidate resistance

Unfortunately, we do sometimes meet candidate resistance against issues like the location of your business or the remuneration package on offer. When this happens we can work with you to develop a strategy to overcome them and to make your opportunity more attractive to the right candidate.

Don’t rely upon digital software and Automated Intelligence to find you the right people for the job, if that job is reliant upon personal attributes. There is a better way.

And unlike SEEK and Trade Me Jobs, we are still recruiting when you’re not, as we are always on the lookout for suitable people that can add value to your business. We keep our finger on the industry pulse, building relationships with candidates, so we are ready to attract and engage the best people when we have a suitable position for them and when we know the Chemistry is perfect.

What's your ideal job?

Let me know.

Let's start with your ideal and work backward.

Amelia Gardner

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