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Technicians as Rocks!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

"Good Technician's are like hens teeth"

There's a very good reason that NZ finds it hard to provide well trained pharmacy technicians. New Zealand Pharmacists' still feel the need to control their dispensary.

Times are tough in community pharmacy NZ, there is no doubt and I understand you feel the need as an owner to hold the reins tight...

but hear me out... Australia (in my experience) is doing the technician thing better. Technicians are like rocks , they stay put near the dispensary computer and bench, their physical presence is felt in the hub, they are an awesome asset to a thriving dispensary.

Guide them

Mentor them

Nurture them

Pay them well

Appreciate them

Praise them

For they are gold and you will get out what you put in.

I love nothing more than the full support of a well trained technician or two in a busy place. If given the space to grow and a graceful leader, technicians can be rocks.

Sometimes I am called to give urgent relief as a pharmacist. When I get there I see pharmacists lined up at the dispensary bench, saturated fully in the processing, dispensing, counting, finding stock... no technicians to be seen.... the manager clearly missing the value of a good technician or two.

Maybe its a technician you are after to iron out the dispensary flow....

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