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Flattening the curve- COVID-19

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I certainly feel we are flattening the curve in the best way possible. Our numbers are plateauing, our health department is not stretched to capacity, we can certainly say at this point we are doing well to beat the spread.

The real-life problem is: How long is it going to take us? Scientists may say it doesn't matter how long it takes but we all know that it does matter.

The economy and mental health are the sufferers in this curve flattening process and people and their livelihoods are the issue. As people become frustrated at being locked in and their businesses suffer immensely, there are questions being asked.

What happens when we open the houses up? Open businesses? Open the schools? We send a wave of activity into the virus's path again... It is obvious isn't it, the COVID springs back up and spreads. The numbers spike and our health department reaches capacity having been previously spared.

This is the current dilemma of our health and political leaders and I believe it is the hugest dilemma faced so far.

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