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91% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find staff. Are you confident we’ll find you?

As a pharmacy recruitment consultancy, we’re constantly on the lookout for exceptional pharmacy staff to build our talent pool. So if you’re hunting for a job or looking for your next role, how confident are you that we’ll find you?

LinkedIn is a powerful search engine

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform to park your resume. Like Google, it’s a powerful search engine and its 740 million users make it the largest social network site in the World. Pharmacy Recruit’s software is integrated with LinkedIn to help us search for specific keywords in user’s profile content. Failure to include the right keywords could make it difficult to locate you and you might miss out on potential employment opportunities. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of ten important tips to help you boost your personal brand image on LinkedIn.

10 Tips to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

1. Use the right keywords Make a list of the keywords that are most relevant to you and the position you are looking for. These might be job titles such as ‘Dispensing Technician’, or specific skills like ‘Team Leadership Skills ’ or ‘Sole Charge Experience’. It can be helpful to read current job ads to identify the search terms recruiters are using, then include these.

Your keywords should appear in your Header to promote what you do best and in the Headline under your name, which can promote your specific skills, experience, or interests every time you post or comment on LinkedIn. We suggest you repeat these keywords in both your past and present job descriptions.

2. Make sure your CV content syncs with your LinkedIn profile Your LinkedIn profile should include all of your CV content. Ensure the information and dates stated in both your CV and profile match or expect some awkward questions at the interview.

3. Tell your story and draw the reader in We’re all unique so ensure you stand out for the right reasons. The ‘About’ section is the perfect place to convey what makes you special. Try to make it as memorable as possible. Highlight your top skills, what type of work you most enjoy, what initially led you to work in the pharmacy industry, what drives you. It’s important to write as you speak and make sure you come across as approachable and friendly.

4. Make your experience relevant to today Your LinkedIn profile should include an entire work history, condensed and specific to the job you are now doing or seeking. Include up to

5 key achievements or skills gained in each role and remember to include your keywords.

5. Ask for recommendations and endorsements For each role you list, ask for a recommendation or skills endorsement, either whilst in the position or when you’re leaving the company. Never feel embarrassed to ask for these and always leave on positive terms, as you never know when your professional paths might cross again.

6. Add a professional profile image and curate the profile background photo According to LinkedIn, profiles with a photograph are 21 times more likely to be viewed and receive 9 times more requests to connect. Ensure you use a clear, up-to-date photo, just of you, dressed as you would for an interview, standing against a plain background colour. Your face should take up at least 60% of the frame and the ideal size is 400 x 400 pixels. The area behind the profile photo is called the background photo and these 2 photos need to work in unison and complement each other. LinkedIn profile background photos should be sized for 1584 x 396 pixels in file formats JPG, PNG, or GIF.

7. Keep your Contact details up to date If you’ve moved recently, make sure you can be considered for positions in your new city by immediately updating your location. You should also make it easy for recruiters to contact you by including your current telephone and email details. Adding these to the bottom of your ‘About’ section is also useful.

8. Flag up that you are Open to Work Below your headline there is a button that reads ‘Open to’ select this if you are actively seeking work. You can select a preference for it to be shown only to recruiters if you like and there are options to specify job titles and locations that you are interested in. This will help your profile to show up in recruiters' search results. Remember to remove it once you have secured a position.

9. Find your tribe then connect and follow Look for other notable individuals from the pharmaceutical industry and invite them to connect with you or follow them. This is a great way to keep in touch with previous colleagues and forge new relationships. If you’re feeling confident, begin to express and share your opinions on the platform and you could soon become a trusted, valuable voice on industry matters.

10. Getting into the daily habit of Investing just 5 minutes a day to LinkedIn will significantly improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters. There are many little ‘housekeeping’ tasks you can do each day such as adding a new skill, changing your background image, liking, commenting, or sharing other’s posts. Or you can really go to town and write a LinkedIn article or start an industry-related discussion or debate.

And finally, the biggest tip of all… …when you next log in to LinkedIn, remember to connect with me, Amelia Gardner, Pharmacy Recruit Founder, and New Zealand Pharmacist. I’d love to get to know you and discover what your dream job in pharmacy looks like.

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