Why recruiting the perfect Pharmacist requires Chemistry - not Automation

The increasing use of automation in the recruitment process worries me. It might help you to rank and identify candidates but it is certainly no match for the human touch when it comes to successful hiring for New Zealand pharmacies. Finding the ‘X’ factor Platforms like SEEK might seem like the easy option when you are busy and overwhelmed but where it fails is it won’t find the ‘X’ factor you are looking for. I know this because when I ran a Community Pharmacy I found there

Locum loses flavour

"Should I locum?" you ask. I have literally had a career built upon being a locum. This has spanned three countries and 21 years as a pharmacist. It's been awesome. I am passionate about pharmacy but my opinions are changing. 2020 in Auckland has literally changed my views and recommendations on becoming and remaining a locum pharmacist in New Zealand. With a glut of pharmacists in this city already, COVID-19 has had a further effect causing more unsettled people in this indu



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